We are looking for fresh, surprising work that impresses us with its technique and technical control. We want poems with heart (emotional clarity and complication) and brains (theoretical engagement, logic and metaphors that stand up to further contemplation, mastery of syntax and diction). We are committed to publishing underrepresented voices, and we also appreciate work in which the author has a stake: poems that feel both true and necessary. Put simply, we are looking for poems that we would be happy to read over and over again, poems in which we could appreciate new meanings, details, and connections each time.

Please limit poetry submissions to 3 – 5 poems grouped in a single .doc or .pdf document.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but we ask that you notify us of this at the time of submission. Multiple submissions are not accepted and will not be read or responded to; please wait until you receive a response from us before submitting again.

Please withdraw submissions using the online submission system. For withdrawals of a single poem from a packet, there is no need to withdraw the entire submission; simply leave a comment on your submission via the submission manager.